Someone's having a birthday this week and he has red hair and it's Nope, it's an orangutan that is the elder statesman at an Illinois zoo and he knows how to party.

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The Brookfield Zoo shared a video this week of Brunei, an orangutan that is now 31 years old. A fun side note in their share is a group of orangutans is known as a Congress. Feel free to insert your own government joke right here.

If the first question you asked is "how long do orangutans live?", WWF states that 35 to 45 years is about as long as you can expect these fun animals to be with us. The World Wildlife Federation also mentions that orangutans sometimes eat with their feet and learn everything they need to know from their mother. Remind me to try the feet thing sometime.

One thing I did not know is that orangutans like Brunei are the heaviest animals you'll find living in trees. Good thing I don't currently live in a tree or I would easily take that title.

Happy birthday to Brunei. Here's hoping that he and his "congress" at the Brookfield Zoo have many more years ahead. As far as a congress goes, I'd bet my bottom dollar that these orangutans will get more done than our government ever would on their worst day.

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