Which is the better CITY...Tampa or Kansas City, it's pretty obvious to me....

Over the next week we will spend a LOT of time comparing the Chiefs vs the Buccaneers. That Great KC passing game, vs the fantastic Bucs linebacking core, or Tom Brady at 43 years old vs the young gun Patrick Mahomes. BUT in this article I want to focus on purely figuring out which city I think is better Tampa or Kansas City.

For the majority of the stats and numbers I will use in this tale of the tape, I am getting from Wikipedia on Tampa, and Wikipedia on KC.

KC has an estimated 495,000 people compared to 399,000 for Tampa. I think population is key for any city and to be honest these two aren't far off, plus you have to figure into Tampa the fact that there is St. Petersburg Florida right across the bay (think San Francisco and Oakland). Overall having big city amenities with less retirees and sprawl KC gets the edge here.

Tampa wins the battle of the Nicknames for sure, according to Wikipedia Tampa's nickname is the Cigar City compared to KC which is just KC or Paris of the Plains. As much as I love Paris of the Plains how can you beat a nickname like Cigar city?!? That's just cool.

Tampa has an NHL team and a MLB team with the Lighting and Rays, both of which are very good right now, compared to KC which does have the Royals but they also have Sporting KC the MLS team, so a slight edge to Tampa in this category.

Now lets not even go there with location... Florida wins that everyday of the week and twice on Sundays, especially because it is on the Gulf side of the state.

Food, again no need to discuss this one KC wins and it's not even close.

I have been to both of these great American Cities, they are both iconic and completely unique in their own ways. Comparing them is like trying to compare Apples vs Oranges, you want fun in the sun and great weather Tampa, you want small town feel with big city offerings and world class food KC. So what has become obvious to me is that I would love to live in either city, but if I had to choose its easy...Send me packing to the Paris of the Plains KC to live, but don't get me wrong I'd love to vacation in Tampa again soon!

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