Here are the 3 best "Quarantine Activities" at Walmart for under $20

So as you know if you listen to "Mornings w/Mark and Sam" I don't have kids, but if you ask my co-host Sam she would tell you I'm basically a giant child. So I went on with the mission of finding the 3 best activities you can buy each under $20 this is what I came up with...

  • MEGA BOXING GLOVES: I mean these things speak for themselves basically. They are giant inflatable boxing gloves, my brothers and I had the original "sock'em boppers" but these are those on steroids. Whether you need your kids to tire themselves out and not hurt each other, or you need to strap them on and punch your husband in the gut, this item is perfect and only $10! Click Here!
  • MINI INDOOR BASKETBALL HOOP: This is perfect for kids and adults of all ages, I actually have one of these in my apartment and its a blast! Work on your deep range shooting, set up dunk contests with your kids, or turn it into a drinking game! Only $17 Click Here!
  • REMOTE CONTROL CARS: Again I have at least 3 remote control cars in my apartment right now, yes I am a single 29 year old with no kids next question. These are so much fun, there are a ton of different options for more then $20 but there are solid under $20 options too that the kids or you can drive off ramps and have fun with too! Click Here!

You don't really realize how far $20 will go at until you actually start searching around! I chose Walmart but you could do the same with Amazon, or Target, or whatever. If we are all going to be quarantining for the rest of April we may as well try to have as much fun as possible!

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