As we deal with the Coronavirus causing schools, bars, restaurants, and sports to close. Here are my favorite board games to play to pass the time!

As we all sit at home participating in social distancing, running out of good things to watch on Netflix, dust out some old board games to help pass the time! Here are my top 3 favorite board games.

1.) Risk: Risk is by far and away my favorite board game, has been since I was young. First off I love maps and geography, Risk dominates in those categories. Secondly world domination is fun, making alliances, and those stressful rolls of the dice when locked in battle over a territory. To learn more about Risk click here!

2.) Monopoly: Obviously we all know and love Monopoly, nothing tears apart a family or group of friends faster then a game of Monopoly. We all have our favorite properties and game pieces, and for that matter we all have our favorite versions of the game. It's always stressful to decide who will be the banker, it's also great at taking up hours of down time! For more information on monopoly click here!

3.) Battleship: This game is great because you only need two people, and the games go by quickly so you can do multiple games and set up a tournament if you want! Everyone has their own strategy as to where you put your battleships, it's a classic easy fun for all ages game. For more information on Battleship click here!

Honorable mention: Guess Who, Clue, Cards Against Humanity, and Jenga.

What are your favorite games to play while stuck at home? Let me know! Follow me on Twitter @MarkHespen and Instagram @MarkHespen

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