The bar that won the Best Bar Award from Missouri's Best 2024 is the type of bar worth building a weekend trip around, here are the details...

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This ain't no local corner pub...Congrats to PBR Big Sky in Kansas City's Power & Light District for winning the Best Bar award from Missouri's Best 2024. The category is "technically" best club/bar and PBR Big Sky is certainly that, it is a Coors Banquet Bar according to their website, and on the site they say...

"Kansas City's Favorite Cowboy Bar! The Ride Of Your Life...From the toughest sport on dirt, comes Kansas City's most stunning country bar. Live country and southern rock bring the PBR party downtown to KC Live! Throw in cold beer, hard drinks, and a little bull ridin', and it's every cowboy and cowgirl's nighttime oasis."

The bar is located in the heart of the Power & Light District of downtown Kansas City which is also home to Howl at the Moon, Guy Fieri's Dive & Taco Joint, Johnnyy's Tavern, McFadden's Sports Saloon, Shark Bar, Pizza Bar, Yard House, and many other places to eat and drink. For more information on everything there is to do at the Power & Light District in downtown Kansas City, and for more information on PBR Big Sky, click here!

Did they get it right?

If you are someone who prefers your local corner bar, where it isn't crowded, the music isn't too loud, and the bartender knows your name, then PBR Big Sky doesn't seem like the place for you. But if you are headed to Kansas City and are looking for a cool spot to dance, drink, ride a bull, listen to live music, and book a VIP table, then ya PBR Big Sky is definitely the best bar in all of Missouri for that type of night.

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