Tis the season. Cold and flu season. With the crazy weather we've had over the last couple weeks, I think I know about 3 people who haven't had some bug fighting them.

Just among my friends I've heard about walking pneumonia, sinus infections, stomach flus, sore throats and good ol fashioned head colds. It's been like the zombie apocalypse with everyone walking around in a daze... partially due to whatever bug they're fighting their personal battle with and partially from the medicines being used to fight it.

Somehow... so far... I've managed to avoid it all. (pause........) OK I'm back. Had to find some wood to knock on.

How have things gone at your house? How about your workplace? Have you managed to steer clear as well or are you and yours sick of being sick like so many others?

How about home remedies? Share yours and we can all help each other get through this most glorious of all seasons.

I'll say so long for now. I feel a headache coming on and I could use a nap.

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