It has been tradition in my house growing up that for good luck you eat Herring on New Years Eve. Well, this year I missed getting Herring on New Years Eve, but I decided to get some anyway.


As I described Herring to my girlfriend she started out saying mmm, but quickly changed her tune. I guess you could say herring is an acquired taste. Some people will eat it pickled. Some people will eat it like I'm about to - in sour cream with onions. When I opened the jar, I had my girlfriend smell it. I thought "well she enjoys fish, she might enjoy this."

Nope. Didn't happen. She did not like the smell at all, so I waited until she was out of the room for a while before eating.

Now I don't take offense when somebody doesn't enjoy something that I enjoy. It happens that you acquire different tastes as you grow up, and I happen to have a taste for Herring. Not all the time mind you, just once a year on New Years Eve. I'll grab some crackers and a jar of Herring and enjoy.

So the question is: is there something that you eat that your significant other finds completely awful? Or the other way around - is there something that your boyfriend / girlfriend enjoys that you would rather they go outside and enjoy? Share those items below.

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