Ever since it started to look like Arby's was coming to Hannibal with a not-so cryptic job posting on line, we've been curious about when the place that has the meats was going to open it's Hannibal doors. We now have an answer.

You can stop by their location in the Huck Finn Shopping center on opening day on Monday March 5th for the ribbon cutting, when they'll feature two for $5 Crispy Fish sandwiches, it being the middle of Lent and what not, or you can head over on Saturday the 10th for prize giveaways, and a chance to win a year of Free Arby's. I say again, free Arby's for an entire year.

I can't really find a problem with a year's worth of free Arby's, so I have no reason NOT to go there on the 10th. That's perfect. Don't have to worry about lunch for a while. Especially if that includes the Venison sandwich whenever they bring that one back. And get some of those curly fries to go with it.

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