Your chance to audition for American Idol is coming to Illinois and Iowa SOON! Here are the details...

American Idol has launched the careers of so many of musics current superstars from Carrie Underwood, to Kelly Clarkson, Scotty McCreery, and so many others, and now it can be your turn to wow the judges and make it to music superstardom!

American Idol has general auditions coming up in Illinois and Iowa according to their website, these auditions are different from anything American Idol has done before they are "Virtual Auditions" due to COVID-19. These "Idol Across America" auditions have already been going on, but if you live in Illinois or Iowa your chance to audition is coming up.

Iowa's virtual auditions are scheduled for August, 26th while the Illinois virtual auditions are scheduled for the 28th of August. Now there is one big "Catch" to these auditions, Idol says on their website that you must be ages 15 to 28 to audition, so yes sadly I am too old for Idol superstardom...

If you would like to schedule your Virtual Audition for American Idol just go to their website by CLICKING HERE!

To be honest I am kinda shocked that American Idol has an age limit on who can audition for their show, 28 is wayyyy too young of a cut off in my opinion, that certainly must be a new rule or else someone like Taylor Hicks couldn't have ever won American Idol. Either way if you do have the courage to audition good luck! And tell Luke, Mark says hi!

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