My co host Sam thinks all beer tastes the same, help me prove her wrong.

If you listen to the very end of "Mornings w/Mark & Sam" today around 9:50 am then you would have heard my co host, the lovely and talented, Sam Barnes claim something utterly preposterous. She said "all beer tastes the same" now in the year plus that Sam and I have been hosting this show I have never been more compelled to prove her wrong.

On this Friday, May 8th, I will be making Sam do a "Beer Tasting" on our KICK-FM Facebook page to prove to her all beer does not taste the same. So what I ask from you our listeners is for some suggestions on what beers I need to include in this tasting to really prove my point.

According to Wikipedia there are two main types of beer, lagers and ales, obviously I want to represent both styles in our beer tasting to help drive home the point all beers don't taste the same.

Here are some of the beers that are coming to my mind when I think about proving my point. First off we gotta have her try something cheap with high alcohol content think like Natural Ice, if she were to drink that and then immediately on the next drink go to a stout like Guinness, there is no way on Earth she could possible say those "taste the same" so if you have any other recommendations of beers that would help me prove my point, think beers with a unique taste message me on Twitter @MarkHespen, and tune into the Facebook live taste test this Friday!

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