Trust me after May 7th you should all book a trip to Chicago!

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The hardest part of this past year going through this COVID-19 pandemic for me was not being able to travel to Chicago. You see I was born in Chicago, I lived in Chicago for five years (about a 10 min walk south of Wrigley Field, just north of the Lincoln Park Zoo) before I moved to Quincy to start working at KICK-FM. Chicago is my favorite place in the world, and I haven't been there in over a year. Now I know what you're saying "Mark you can go to Chicago ANYTIME, why didn't you go during the pandemic?" and that is because when I go to Chicago I want to experience the Chicago I know and love! I want to be able to eat at my favorite hole in the wall places, drink at my favorite hole in the wall bars, and most importantly I want to be entertained, and that is coming back!

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune (to read the article click here) The Second City will start hosting live shows again starting Friday, May 7th!!!! The best place for comedy, in the best comedy city in the world, is opening back up with limited seating starting in May, that brings such a smile to my face. Whenever someone asks me what they NEED to do while in Chicago I say three things, get a Chicago style hot dog from The Weiner Circle, take a Wendella Lake and River Boat Tour, and see a show at The Second City!

I was lucky enough to be a graduate of The Second City back in 2015, and actually performed comedy there. It was a time in my life I'll never forget, and I am so excited to see that space getting an opportunity to reopen and entertain people once again!

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