If you need an excuse to get down to St. Louis this spring just say "well, the big-time travel website says spring is the time to visit St. Louis!" What is it about St. Louis that makes it one of the best places in America to visit during the Spring season?

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According to an article titled 27 of the Best Places to Visit in the US in the Spring from the travel website called bemytravelmuse.com, St. Louis, Missouri is a go-to springtime travel destination! St. Louis is on the list with places like Mystic Hot Springs in Utah, Holland (Michigan), Macon (Georgia), and Washington D.C., so what makes St. Louis great in the Spring? On the site they say...

"Immerse yourself in the intense baseball fandom as the city comes alive during the opening of the MLB season. Like many bigger cities across the USA, spring is the beginning of outdoor festival season in St. Louis. Each year the city hosts the St. Louis Earth Day Festival which is an exciting way to celebrate this underrated holiday. Check out the butterfly house at the Missouri Botanical Garden, which is especially beautiful in the springtime, while you make your way around the city."

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I have said it on my show, and I will say it again here, I love traveling to big cities but the best times to visit big cities are during the Spring and the Fall. When you are traveling to a city like St. Louis you want to be able to walk around and see every part of the city without freezing your butt off or dying of heat exhaustion.

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