First of all! Stop freaking out over the Tide Pod thing. Like 40 people have done it. Sure that's 40 too many, but that's not exactly indicative of a craze sweeping the nation. This isn't the Ice Bucket Challenge. This isn't Bieber Fever. This isn't pet rocks (yeah, the 70s were stupid, too, get off your nostalgia high horse, Baby Boomers). That said, if you insist on eating Tide Pods... don't. Consume something that vaguely resembles a Tide Pod instead, but is infinitely better for you, and has nothing to do with laundry. It's an adult beverage.

Tide Pod Shot
Brittany Boll

Much like the actual Tide Pods, kids shouldn't consume this. But that's pretty much all the two have in common. Brittany Boll of the North End Tavern, our 2017 Best Bartender Winner, came up with this shot that has the same color scheme as a Tide Pod, but actually looks tasty. The premise isn't entirely hers, as food and beverages resembling Tide Pods have started to crop up in recent weeks, like donuts and pizzas, but she did put her own spin on it.

Brittany's Tide Pod Shot features Orange Vodka, Blue Curacao, and Rum Chata in three layers. The Rum Chata gives it a kick of cinnamon to conjure up memories of the less dangerous Cinnamon Challenge (eating a ton of cinnamon. It's not really a challenge. It's just people being bored). It does look good. I kinda want to head up to the North End Tavern to try. It is my lunch break almost.

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