Breweries are exploding all across the country and there is one in Missouri that is getting a tone of love from a big-time website, and I just added it to my list of must-go places in the Show-Me State.

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Get our free mobile app came out with a list of The 34 Hottest Breweries in America Right Now, and there is one in the St. Louis area of  Missouri area that I have never heard of before that made the list. Thrillist says about the list...

"The 34 breweries on this list range from old-school favorites making new waves to up-and-comers offering destination-worthy pours. They also reflect the innovation and adaptability that brewers have had to exercise in response to pandemic regulations."

The St. Louis area brewery that made the list is called Side Project Brewing, on the list they say...

"The brewery produces barrel-aged stouts, with a return of the vaunted Beer:Barrel:Time, an adjunct-free bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout."

If you go to the website for Side Project Brewing (click here!) I learned that the brewery is located in Maplewood, MO, and has a brewery location as well as a cellar location where they age their beers. Their main beers, like their Merci Blend, are served in what looks like wine bottles and priced around $30, but they also have stouts, IPAs, and others to try as well. Both locations have tasting rooms but seem to offer different things depending on what you like, I personally want to go to their brewery location as opposed to the cellar location.

There are also a couple of breweries in Illinois that made this list for our listeners on the Illinois side of the river. The breweries are Dovetail Brewing in Chicago, Energy City Brewing in Batavia, and Phase Three Brewing in Lake Zurich.

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