I know it's still summer for a month, BUT Fall is fast approaching which means it is time to get the guns, bows, and traps ready for a big hunting season in the Show Me State!

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Don't shoot the messenger (because I literally have never hunted in Missouri before) but according to the great people at the Missouri Department of Conservation here is a list of the 29 animals that you can hunt and trap in the state of Missouri.

-Badger (Didn't know Missouri had Badgers)


-Beaver (who wants to hunt an adorable beaver?!?)

-Crow (Ya even I'd hunt a crow)




-Fox (Don't think I could hunt a fox after watching Disney's the Fox and the Hound as a kid)



-Groundhog (good luck trying to kill these things, I've seen Bill Murray try, it's not easy!)




-Otter (come on now, wayyyy to cute to hunt or trap!)





-Sora and Virginia Rail


-Striped Skunk

-Teal (had no idea there was a bird called the teal, looks like a duck to me)

-Turkey (mmmmmmm turkey!)


-Wilson's Snipe


I have never been hunting, when you grow up in the suburbs of Chicago it really isn't something you do, especially when no one in your family or extended family does it, BUT I know that hunting is a huge part of conservation and protection for the animals and humans alike. So if you are going out hunting this season as always know the rules, and most importantly be safe!

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