It's not St. Louis or Kansas City like you'd expect, so which city makes the list of the 10 Worst Cities in the US for Walking your Dog?

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According to a new ranking from, Springfield, Missouri is one of the 10 worst cities for walking your dog in the US this year. Springfield was ranked 190th out of 200 cities on the Best Cities to Walk your Dog. On the site they say...

"Which cities offer the most ideal environment for roving with Spot?... We compared the 200 biggest U.S. cities based on walkability, safety, pup-friendly trail access, and professional dog walking availability."

Springfield ranks extremely low in a number of categories including 181st in the 'Access' category which includes things like the number of dog-friendly trails in your town. Springfield also ranks a bad 184th in the  'Quality' category which includes dog park ratings, and walkability scores.

Springfield wasn't the only large city in Missouri to struggle in these rankings, Kansas City ended up a poor 169th on the list, while St. Louis came in at 146th on the list. To see the complete list of rankings for yourself simply click here!

I lived in Chicago for years with a dog, and I will say big city life with a pet is not easy. I would argue that most of the top 25 most populated cities in the United States aren't ideal for dog life. But I will say that if you have the right dog, and you live in a city as I did that had plenty of green space to take your dog to it can work out. My dog missed the city for a bit when I moved to central Illinois, but as soon as he realized he had a big fenced-in backyard he forgot all about the concrete jungle of the Windy City.

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