Halloween is over and now you're stuck with rotting pumpkins. Sure, you could just throw them away and call it a day, but what fun is that? Here are some creative ways to get rid of your pumpkin.

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    Pumpkin Catapult

    If you can find someone to build a catapult, you could launch those gourds clear into next week! See whose flies the furthest or just see who can make the biggest splat. Can someone make one for me please?

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    Pumpkin Facial

    I am willing to try a few beauty techniques, but a pumpkin facial I am not sure of. Might make me hungry for a pumpkin spiced latte or pumpkin pie.

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    Eat it

    Isn't that what Pinterest is for? Go make your own PSL, pie, puree, or soup. Or try a pumpkin lasagna (yeah, it's a thing).

    Might want to get a fresh pumpkin for this though.

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    Use The Seeds

    Personally, I like roasting pumpkin seeds with a little salt and pepper. But some use them for planting and some use them for soups. Just don't be wasteful.

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    Compost Your Pumpkin

    You never know. Your rotting pumpkin might help you create an incredible garden in 2018.