Thirty-one years ago today, players on the Quincy Notre Dame and Jacksonville boys basketball teams THREW DOWN! And thankfully, a camera was rolling so that we could all enjoy all over again in 2018.

Now I’m not going to pretend to know anything about QND basketball. Or any high school basketball. Or any basketball for that matter. In fact, I can’t even verify the date beyond the 1980s camcorder timestamp that comes into view at the 1:11 mark. Those don’t lie, right?

At the center of the ruckus, according to the announcer, is Jacksonville’s Andy Kaufmann who still ranks second in points scored among Illinois high school players. And according to Google, he also ranks second in popularity among men named Andy Kaufmann.


No, Google. That is NOT what I meant!

But hey, you probably knew that already. So let’s just enjoy it for what it is: good old fashioned high school basketbrawl at The Pit.

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