Back in the 1980's, I would set up my radio equipment to broadcast a Quincy High School Blue Devil basketball game in the afternoon prior to the evening contest.  There were some days when Blue Devil Gym was eerily quiet and the little noise I would make would actually echo in the gym. Then there were other days when there was other activity going on like student floor hockey.  That's right...floor hockey.

Years ago floor hockey was a popular game with the Q.H.S. students. Principal Robert DeVries actually helped organized and schedule a league of student teams to play floor hockey. I ran into Mr. DeVries the other night at a local restaurant and we talked about those days. He echoed my thoughts about the popularity of floor hockey then.

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It was so popular that even local adults including coaches at both QHS and QND played on selected weekends. This group also included a broadcaster named Jeff Dorsey. It was great exercise as we ran forever with each game in tennis shoes chasing a rubber puck (or ball) and it was a great deal of fun as well. Just ask Ray (Gretsky) Heilmann, John Spring, Jim Wosman, Andy Nelson among others who worked up a sweat playing either at the QHS girl's gym or at "The Pit" at QND.

Actually floor hockey is an economical sport to play as all you need is two nets, a few hockey sticks and a soft puck or rubber ball.  Perhaps it is time to resurrect floor hockey again!  Did you ever play?


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