Baseball and fireworks. Fireworks and baseball. Add in an apple pie, and you've got the quintessential American Summer trifecta. It's just perfect. We all love the city fireworks displays on and around Independence Day, so this isn't a slight on them. But I'll be damned if there isn't something special about fireworks nights at the ball field. The Quincy Gems are hosting a few throughout the season.

There first is actually this week, on Friday June 8th, as they host the Kokomo Jackrabbits. Then on June 30th is their annual Military Night with Team USA, so we can expect to see some fireworks then. The final two fireworks nights at Quincy Stadium will be just ahead of the Fourth of July, as they host the Danville Dans on Monday July 2nd, and the Hannibal Hoots on Tuesday the 3rd. For more info about the Quincy Gems, including their schedule, visit their website.

As of right now, the Hannibal Hoots do not have any fireworks nights scheduled. HOWEVER! Clemens Field is of course RIGHT THERE next to National Tom Sawyer Days. I'm not 100 percent on line of sight, but you might be able to catch the NTSD fireworks whilst still at the ballpark when the Hoots host the Gems on July 4th. Don't quote me on that, though.

But I do have it on good authority that should you be a business owner who would want to see a fireworks night at Clemens Field after a Hoots game, you could sponsor a fireworks night. For more info about the Hannibal Hoots, visit their website.

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