The 2015 edition of the "Music With a Mission" concert has come and gone, but the residual effects for those benefiting from the show will go on.

The show had to be moved indoors to the show barn at the Adams County fairgrounds on Saturday, May 30, thanks to rain, the threat of more rain, and the muddy ground in the grandstand area. Everyone rolled with the punches though and continued the efforts to not only have a good time, but to raise money for Mendon's school music program and Six String Heroes.

Vinnie Hickerson of one of the performing bands, Trailer Choir, came up with the "Music With  Mission" idea a number of years ago when his child brought home a school fundraiser. The students were being asked to sell donuts and Vinnie thought to himself, with childhood obesity as bad of a problem as it is, isn't there a better way to raise money for the schools? Out of that, Music With a Mission was born. The show is two years old now in our area, with the third edition already being planned. Other Music With a Mission concerts take place in other states as well.

Local trio Avenue Beat began the official line up of musicians at Saturday's show. The girls once again proved to the crowd just how impressive their harmonies are together, as well as their ability to write original song. Highway Run, a man and woman duo from Nashville performed second and showed off some great vocal ability from Alyssa, who makes up half the duo. Madd Hoss Jackson played next as the crowd grew and put on another of the kind of solid performances they've become known for both locally and in Nashville. Vinnie and his band Trailer Choir then wowed the audience with a very enthusiast and energetic performance, including their hit song from 2009, "Rockin The Beer Gut," and finally headliners The Cadillac Three brought a raucous finale to the evening, singing songs that included their hit single "The South."

Plans for a 2016 Music With a Mission are already underway.

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