Yup, at the age of 14 a young high school girl has just landed on a list of very few who have aced her SAT.

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I am not even going to share what I got on my ACT, but one 14-year-old high schooler couldn't believe her eyes when she opened her results to her SAT score. When Grace Murray received the email she was excited to see what she got but never imagined getting a perfect score. 1600 in big bold letters was on her computer screen and she just couldn't believe it. Grace talked with WGN News and gave some advice for those looking to increase their score and what options are available.

At just 14 Grace has so many goals including maybe one day working for NASA. There was a time in all of our lives I am sure that we wanted to be an astronaut or work for NASA one day, but I can really see Grace following her dream.

Skipping grades and taking some pretty tuff classes in the summer Grace is going to make her place in the world, and some say she may have already with a perfect score at just 14.

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