We all have a lot of things on our mind this time of year. At work, it's the end of the year, so we have a lot of things to tie up before the calendar changes. At home, we're thinking of personal finances, our family and a whole slew of other things. And they can all be unique to each individual and what they're going through. But there are some universal holiday truths to Quincyans and we're all guaranteed to have several of these thoughts.

  • We're in luck, I just found two Amtrak tickets to Chicago for....aaaaand they're gone.
  • There are just as many people at Best Buy this year as last year.
  • Olive-Garden-Gift-Card
  • I'm bored, let's go to the bar.
  • I'll bring one bottle of the Cardinals wine, one bottle of the Cubs wine!
  • I guess we'll just drive up and down Maine Street for the Avenue of Lights
  • Sorry, relative from out of town, I can't take you to your favorite restaurant this year. It's closed.
  • It's too cold to do anything, let's just go to the bar.
  • What am I supposed to do with all this cookie dough and popcorn I forgot I ordered in October?
  • Woman tying white skates on the ice area. Winter day
  • It's been like a week since we've had a festival or parade. I rerouted my trip to the mall expecting one, but nope, roads were clear.
  • The holidays are stressing me out, let's go to the bar
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