You might know Missouri as being famous for KC BBQ, The Pony Express, and Jesse James, but I was surprised to find out the Missouri has 11 inventions that came from the state I had no idea about. Can you name them?

Let's start with the one that most of us have had at least once in our lifetime, the ice cream cone. Yup, created right here in the State of Missouri. It became popular in the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis, and pretty much changed the way people eat ice cream. 

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Little boys (and probably some grown adults too) love Monster Trucks, welp, you can thank Missouri for that. "Big Foot" was created in Missouri back in the mid 70's by Missourian Bob Chandler. He videotaped himself smashing cars and the rest you can say is history.

We can thank Missouri also for Provel Cheese (which can be found on St. Louis' Imo's Pizza), the drink 7up, the Lear Jet (that's awesome), pancake mix, LCD, and fire escape suspenders.

But the one invention that shocked me was ice tea. Which I would have thought would have been created in a more southern state, but nope Missouri gets the credit. We can once again thank the world's fair for the ice tea creation. When Richard Blechynden tried to sell warm tea at the world's fair and was unsuccessful due to the hot temperature, he just added ice and bam! Ice tea was created. Now tea obviously was more popular in England at the time, but it was hot tea not ice tea that Englishmen craved.

So, thank you Missouri for giving us Monster Trucks, ice tea, pancake mix and Lear Jets, where would we be without these inventions? 

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