The Friendly Confines - Wrigley Field, is 100 years old today, April 23.

Michael Rose
Michael Rose

Now I realize that there are more Cardinal fans in this area than Cubs fans, but if you get an opportunity to visit Wrigley Field in Chicago, you should take advantage of it.

Yes, the stadium looks old, but it has a very warm feel to it. The patrons are generally pleasant. The ivy against the back wall looks comforting (but beware - ivy does not protect you from the bricks that lay beneath it).

I could be tainted in my thinking, since I did grow up there. At one time I even lived four blocks from Wrigley.

The pictures in the gallery below are from my last trip to Wrigley in 2006 for a Cubs / Cardinal game. The one thing I love about the Cubs / Cardinal rivalry is that it isn't (typically) violent. Its more of a friendly rivalry (unlike the Yankees / Red Sox rivalry - they'll beat the tar out of each other). Speaking of the Red Sox - Wrigley Field at 100 years is not the oldest ballpark. Fenway in Boston is two years older.

There is a great website that was created by someone I used to work for called Just One Bad Century. If you bleed Cubbie blue, you must check it out.

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