I want to be very clear about a couple of facts.  My wife is the sweetest person in the world.  You can practically see flowers appear underneath her feet as she walks.  But, she's pregnant now.  Let there be no doubt that is a game-changer.  There are few professions more dangerous in our society than a husband with a pregnant wife. 

Pregnancy.org offers the following advice for helping to control rage...

"You may want to consider seeing a qualified certified or clinical hypnotherapist for a session or two to help reframe at an inner level the feelings that come up, and develop an inner "anchor" which will help you to help you remain more balanced and calm."

Personally, I don't plan to be the one to offer that advice to my glowing wife companion.  I just want to continue to offer her the moral support she needs as we prepare for another blessing in our life...fetch ice cream on command...and pray to God above that I don't accidentally eat the last Zinger in the house.

Have you had any close calls...uh...I mean "special moments" when the lady in your life was/is expecting?