As you may have seen on my Facebook page yesterday, the verdict on the ultrasound is in and it appears there's another Holliday female incoming.  Happy news from the doctor that momma and baby are both doing fine so far.  (although momma is getting slightly more demanding in her requests for certain flavors of ice cream)

The next hurdle that we now face is coming up with a name.  My first idea of calling her Roseanne Roseannadanna was fortunately rejected by my wife.

The problem is the naming process is not supposed to be an opportunity for a husband to be funny. And, that is very hard for a strange guy like me.  I also doubt the IRS would find it humorous if I were to call my new daughter "Earned Income Credit", although that will be one of the numerous joys she brings to our life.

Ultimately, the good news in all this is my wife is WAY smarter than me and won't let me do something stupid.  It also doesn't hurt that she's loaded with pregnancy hormones and has easy access to automatic weapons.

Have you come up with a good method for choosing a name for your child?  If so, let me hear them before I cut loose with another smart name idea like "Happy".