Zac Brown helps John Krasinski throw an epic virtual wedding for two diehard fans of the Krasinski-starring TV show The Office during the newest episode of the actor's Some Good News series. The country star handled father-daughter song duties with a brand-new, never-before-heard track from the Zac Brown Band.

After highlighting a few adorable viral videos showing people making the most of life in quarantine during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Krasinski introduced a segment called "Love in the Time of Quarantine" featuring more sweet moments. He spotlighted kids' first words, touching moments between siblings and the arrivals of new babies before turning his attention to just a few of the weddings (and even a vow renewal!) that have taken place during this time of social distancing.

But it was the love story of John Lush and Susan Hedrick, a couple from Maryland, that particularly got Krasinski's attention. When he proposed to Susan, John recreated the proposal between Jim Halpert, Krasinski's character on The Office, and Pam Beesly (played by Jenna Fischer).

"That proposal works 100 percent of the time now!" Krasinski joked to the couple, who joined the actor via video conference. In a tweet sharing video of the proposal, the pair invited Krasinski to their wedding — but he offered to do them one better.

"The truth is, I am able to attend, but only if we do it right now. You think I'm kidding, but I just got ordained as a minister for you guys," Krasinski told John and Susan, holding up a certificate proving his new title. The actor had also invited the couple's parents, two of their friends ... and Fischer, who served as Susan's maid of honor.

Speaking to Susan's father, Sid, Krasinski said he knew the pandemic had messed up Sid's plans to walk his daughter down the aisle, so he brought in "a good friend of mine," Brown, to assist with the special moment. The whole group watched the country star, from home, perform an unreleased song, "The Man Who Loves You Most."

According to a press release, "The Man Who Loves You Most" was written by the Zac Brown Band during quarantine and will be released officially this summer. The song's lyrics, a message from Brown to his daughters, are tailor-made for a father-daughter dance, or any special moment between a dad and his girls.

"I hope you see the Seven Wonders / I hope you sail the seven seas / I hope you let the whole world in your heart but you still got room for me," Brown sings in the song's chorus. "I hope you find a guy who treats you right / On your wedding night, I'll raise a toast / I hope he understands, I'll always be / The man who loves you the most."

The whole group gathered in the video chat was a bit emotional after Brown's performance, but pulled themselves together for Krasinski to help John and Susan with their vows. After he pronounced them husband and wife, Krasinski cut his tie and Fischer called the pair soulmates, both nods to fan-favorite moments from The Office. And, of course, it wouldn't be a The Office-themed wedding without a big ol' dance party.

"Because you so elegantly ripped off our show for your proposal, I feel like it's only fitting that you rip off the wedding, too," Krasinski told the couple, opening up the video chat for the rest of his The Office castmates to perform the dance moves they did down the aisle at Jim and Pam's wedding.

John and Susan's virtual wedding was the seventh episode of Some Good News. Krasinski began the webseries to spread a little cheer during the coronavirus pandemic, which is not only postponing weddings but concerts and festivals, too. Brown and his band are at home after canceling all of their 2020 tour plans due to the virus.

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