Country artist Will Dempsey captured an adorable moment on camera, surprising his 9-year-old daughter Bella with a song her wrote just for her.

The singer shared the special moment on social media, and it quickly went viral; it was even shared by the positive storytelling platform Upworthy.

"This is my daughter," Dempsey explains in a caption at the beginning of the video, which shows an unsuspecting Bella sitting in the backseat of his car, brushing her hair as he drives. "She knew I was writing a song about her, but didn't know I finished it."

While they're in the car, Dempsey presses play on the song, without warning his daughter what's coming. As she listens to the first verse, she slowly recognizes her song and stops brushing her hair.

"Is this my song?!" she asks. When her dad tells her that it is, the young girl cover her mouth and buries her head in her hands.

"Are you crying?!" Dempsey says. "Don't cry. You're gonna make me cry!"

Bella is a regular fixture on Dempsey's Instagram, along with her younger brother and Dempsey's wife Tiffany. The song that Dempsey surprised her with is called "Best Parts of Me," and per Music Mayhem Magazine, he wrote the song to both sum up what he loves about his daughter and write a message to her as she gets older.

"[I was trying to] let her know that she can always count on me to be there for her, with anything that she needs in her life," he explains. "I can see a lot of myself in her, and I really feel like she inherited a lot of my best qualities. So in a lot of ways I'll always be with her, even when I'm not here anymore, and I just wanted her to know that."

Fittingly, the song's music video features plenty of home video footage of Dempsey with his family, including special moments with his two kids that were filmed by his wife.

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