This is a follow-up to a previous story about zebras running wild in Illinois. It's crazy that I can say this again, but it's true that you just can't get enough coverage of zebras running from Illinois police as a new dashcam video shows.

As we shared a few weeks ago, 2 zebras went rogue after the escaped from a pumpkin farm near South Barrington, Illinois. Now, two brothers who were on a road trip shared this stirring play-by-play of why police cars in Illinois had the road blocked:

My brother was driving from Madison, Wisconsin to Ann Arbor, Michigan, and was stopped by two police cars in the middle of the highway. As he waited to figure out what was happening, he saw a zebra appear out of the cornfields on the side of the highway. He took his phone out and recorded as the zebra (and its friend) ran out of the cornfields and evaded the cops.

See if you find it as fun as I did watching animals with stripes fleeing the law.

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As we reported in our previous zebras running wild in Illinois story, these two animals were eventually returned safely to the Illinois pumpkin farm that they fled from.  The fact that we can now say this more than once thanks to the brother's compelling dashcam video makes us very happy.

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