It's one of the most mysterious abodes in all of Missouri. It's a chateau that sits up in the hills of the Missouri Ozarks that is built to withstand earthquakes, bombs and even an EF5 tornado plus it has strange symbols on the roof.

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If you look up the strangest homes in Missouri, you'll almost always see this home mentioned. It's the Pensmore Chateau built in Highlandville, Missouri south of Springfield by Stephen Huff. It's a 72,000 square foot fortress that looks like someone's preparing for the end of the world.

The Providence Forum says this mysterious chateau is "a retreat center for scholars and “deep thinkers”. Hmm.

So, what about the symbols on the roof?

The Providence Forum says that "the visible symbols of the roof line are the mathematical symbol Pi and the early American historic symbol of the Liberty Tree." But, the meaning goes deeper than just math. It apparently is Stephen Huff's tribute to God with the symbols representing the Trinity.

A few years ago, Stephen gave The Kansas City Star a tour with some explanations about the stranger parts of

The Wikipedia page for this unique structure adds one more twist. It states that Mr. Huff built the home in the part of Missouri he did due to the fact that it's not subject to government surveys or regulations. Curious.

What does it all mean? Is it just the abode of an eccentric businessman who's researching climate, disaster and building technologies and concepts? Or, is it a symbol of something else going on?

The only known fact is that it's one of the most curious buildings in all of Missouri and it's likely the mystery surrounding it will only deepen.

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