I was reminiscing about my school days over the weekend and I got to thinking about what school was like back then compared to now. These days it seems like the principals of schools now are more visible and interact with their students more than when I went to school.

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If I saw a principal during my school days it was when he (I never had a female principal) would surprisingly pop up in a classroom for an hour and then leave.  I bet my teachers hated that too.

The only other time I would interact with my school principal was when I did something wrong. That only happened once in my schooling days and that was after I had enough of a class bully and I took him out with one punch. That landed me a 3-day suspension in the 8th grade. The kid never bothered anyone after that including me. I am not encouraging anyone to do that, but it did work for me.

Going to the Principal's Office was never a good thing and something I tried to avoid at all cost. I guess having only one visit isn't that bad of a track record.

So I ask this question of you. Who was your school principal and did you ever have to go to the Principal's Office?  If so, what was it that you did to make that happen?


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