As many area school children wake up late to a third day without in-person class, many of them will be clamoring to go sledding. Again. My 12-year-old will want to venture out—again—because single-digit temperatures are no deterrent to enjoying a sled and a steep hill. She’s looking for a new venue, so that brings us to today’s question, where’s the best place to sled in your neck of the woods?

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As you know, Hannibal is full of hills. You’d think finding a spot to sled wouldn’t be hard, but there aren’t many areas that are available to the public. The traditional hill to climb is at hole three at the Hannibal Country Club. It’s by far the most popular spot in town. Are there any others?

In Quincy, I know South Park is the hotspot for sledding. I grew up in Monroe City and South Lake has the slope where the kids go to play in the snow.

If you’re fortunate, you have access to private hills. We had a great one on our farm. It was a long way from top to bottom. The problem is once you reach the bottom, you’ve got to trudge back to the top. It ain’t easy. What we would do more often is hitch a sled to the back of the truck. When my dad was driving, that was a wild ride. I remember having a bunch of friends over to go sledding during my junior year of high school. We piled bodies on the discarded hood of a car. Dad took a turn too fast and we went flying, a big bundle of bodies crashing into each other and thankfully landing in a cushion of fluff. It was right about then that the high school coach turned the corner of the gravel road. He saw us laying there moaning and said to my dad, “Paul, you just crashed half my football team!” Folks, don’t try this at home.

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