I'm pretty sure most people have noticed that this winter has been abnormally cold. I have no data whatsoever to back that up in comparison to any other winter, but I think we'd all agree this is the worst winter in the history of mankind, or at least in recent memory.

Forget the wind chills, the temperature itself has been below 0 on a regular basis. It pretty much seems to be in the negatives constantly. Seems, of course. Heating bills aren't exactly helping alleviate the problem. Do you bundle up more and keep the thermostat down a bit to save a little money, or do you put immediate comfort ahead of a heating bill that will come later?

On a normal winter day I usually keep my thermostat set at around 68. It's been on 70 a lot this winter and I've had it as high as 74 on a few particularly frigid days and nights.

Our thermostat here at the radio station is set to 70. Sometimes people wear their coats all day, which you don't do when it's 70 outside, so obviously it's either not really 70 in here or some of my co-workers minds are messing with them. If it's cold outside, 70 inside feels cooler I think.

Where do you keep your thermostat set?