Much like Where In The World is Carmen San Diego, Quincy was on high alert this past weekend for actor Chris Sullivan. You may know him as Toby on This Is Us (a.k.a Make Us Cry).

While visiting family in town, Chris made several stops in Quincy and the surrounding areas. Comments and photos on our original Maid Rite post linked him to Sprouts, Fuji Steakhouse, Boyer's Boots, Spirit Knob Winery in Ursa, and Brick Oven in Hannibal. It was so nice of him to stop and take time to take pictures with fans of the show (some actors would not be as accommodating). With family in Quincy, I am sure that this will not be the last time Chris makes an apprentice in the Tri-States.

You can watch This Is Us on NBC Tuesday nights at 8pm, but I recommend grabbing some tissues. You're going to need them!