This is Adam Levine; recording artist, TV star, entrepreneur, activist, and overall epitome of human perfection. With Adam as their charismatic frontman, Maroon 5 has sold more than 20 million albums, won three Grammys, 16 Billboard Music Awards, and spanned the globe many times over playing to millions of adoring fans.

And one time, they performed right here in Quincy…almost.

Now you're probably thinking Maroon 5 today.

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Not exactly. I'm talking about Maroon 5 in 2003.

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Ahh, much better.

See, back then, the unknown quintet had just wrapped a tour with a still relevant Matchbox Twenty and a quickly fading Sugar Ray. In the fall, as “Harder to Breathe” became a minor hit on the rock charts, the band embarked on their first headlining tour.

It was around this time that Quincy University was looking to bring an up and coming artist to campus for a show in January 2004. Proposed artists included Tonic, Vertical Horizon, and Sister Hazel. But Maroon 5, a college radio favorite though not yet a household name, was the frontrunner.

The proposed show, a late addition to the “Songs About Jane” tour, was planned for January 17, 2004 in the Quincy University cafeteria at 1810 Lind Street. Tickets were to be free for QU students (like me!) and just $5 for the general public. It would have been an amazing experience.

So what happened? Maroon 5 got really REALLY popular (really REALLY fast). The single “This Love” was released and ultimately became the third most played song of 2004. Maroon 5 ended up playing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on January 15 (two days before what would have been their Quincy show) followed by a concert on The Today Show, The Tonight Show, TRL, Pepsi Smash (remember that?), and Saturday Night Live. Much to our dismay, Quincy was no longer on their radar.

As for Quincy University, things worked out. They ended up giving the headlining slot to an unknown former Maroon 5 opener named Gavin Degraw, who actually loved the venue so much that he came back the following school year over Labor Day weekend when, ironically, he had the number one song in the country (“I Don’t Want to Be”).

Also worth noting, I got this sweet autographed poster.

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Maroon 5 wouldn’t land their first number one for another three years.