They say the only inevitable things in life are death and taxes. None of us know when 'our time' is up but you can control the other to a degree. So when do you get your taxes done?

I generally do mine as early as possible. I've always been fortunate enough to get a refund and I always need it, so waiting for money that I can get sooner rather than later isn't what I want to do. For some reason though, this year I procrastinated and didn't do mine until last night. Thankfully another refund is coming, which is great. I'm still sitting here today though wondering why on earth I waited until a third of the way through March to get it done though.

Yes, it's a pain but hey... I have money to claim. I'd fill out tax forms every day if I got more money for it every time. I could make a living out of filling out tax forms online, in the comfort of my own home, while enjoying a beverage and chilling in my rattiest t-shirt. That would be a fine gig.

If you owe money, or know you're going to, I certainly understand waiting until the last minute. Instead, I'm now kicking myself a little for being lazy this year and I keep wondering just how long it will be until the deposit hits my bank account. I need it, ya know. That's why I sat around doing nothing for a month and a half after I could have gotten all this taken care of. We... or at least I... am a procrastinator at heart it seems.

April 15 is coming...

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