The other day I forgot my cell phone at home. This was because it was in "alarm clock" mode.

Yeah, I think that is strange too, now that I read that. But it is true. I forgot my phone at home because it was in "alarm clock" mode.

Let me explain: When I get ready in the morning I have all of the things I need in one location - wallet, watch, car keys, belt, and business cards. My phone used to be in that pile, but due to recent events I am now using my phone as an alarm clock.

Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

This is not when I am using my phone as a music player, GPS, camera, Web browser, or voice recorder.

So, because the phone is in the place of my alarm clock and acting like an alarm clock, I forget to put it in my pocket like I normally would a phone.

I am buying an alarm clock this weekend.