It was announced this morning that John Wood Community College would be adding women's volleyball and both men's and women's soccer to their sports rosters beginning in the fall of 2018. Meanwhile, last week Culver-Stockton College announced they will be adding E-Sports next fall, as well. Cool! More sports throughout the area. But what if we added even MORE sports. Here are some other sports area colleges should add.

Quincy University LARP/Sword - Sam says this doesn't count, but she can shut up, because it totally does. You're sword fighting. That's what this is. How is that not a sport? It's a physical activity. Sure you're not using REAL swords because that would be dangerous, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. It's even been a collegiate activity since the 70s. Ever see the movie Role Models with Paul Rudd? Yeah, let's do that!

Truman University Dodgeball - I mean... the movie was hilarious. The game is fun. Need I say more?!

Hannibal LaGrange University Lasertag - OK, there hasn't been a movie about this, but still, it's a crazy amount of fun. And lasers are involved. Lasers are always fun.

Getty Images for T-Mobile

Western Illinois University Cornhole - It's just a good, low-impact, chill kinda game, but still highly competitive.

Sarah Page

John Wood Community College Paintball - It's good outdoor fun, it's team building, it requires skills and tact. I'd go back to college if they had it.

Randy Shropshire