It's that damned dress all over again! What are you hearing when you listen to this video?

Did you hear "Yanny"? Or did you hear "Laurel"?

The answer: It depends on your sound system. The way it hits your ears is dependent entirely on HOW it hits your ears. I first listened to this on my five year old lap top through modestly priced computer speakers, and I heard "Yanny." This morning, as soon as I got into work, I played it on my work computer, through the studio monitors... needless to say ridiculously more powerful and expensive equipment than I have at home. I heard Laurel.

It all has to with the quality of the recording, and the original source recording is pretty low quality. Couple that with the hardware you're hearing it on, you've now completely affected the pitch, indirectly and unintentionally.

So don't let this be another thing that divides us. Just come on down to the studios, we'll play the clip on our speakers for you, and you can decide for yourself after hearing it on quality audio equipment.

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