I could just share this viral video of a Midwestern fox getting tickled, but no, let's take that a step further. Not only can you enjoy this cute moment, but you can adopt him (if you're in Missouri).

I saw this sweet moment trending on Digg today. This is a rescue fox named Dixie. She is a cutie...for a fox. Hey, at least I didn't say "foxy".

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Dixie was rescued by a Midwestern organization called Save A Fox. Here's a snippet from their founder about what they do:

It was in discovering the need for these domestic foxes to have a place to go when met with uncertain situations that I founded SaveAFox Rescue, which has been operating since 2017. To date, we have rescued approximately 150 foxes from certain death.

Very kind people. There's only one small problem. As Pet Keen mentions, it's only legal to have a fox as a pet in 15 states. The good news is one of those 15 is MISSOURI. I'm not saying that you should have a fox as a pet. I'm saying it's possible to have a fox as a pet in Missouri.

Popular Science did a deep dive about how challenging it can be to be a successful fox parent. Again, not saying it's a good idea, but it's possible.

Save A Fox has an application process you need to go through if you'd like to be a part of their rescue program. Perhaps you might be the next person to share a viral fox tickling video...if you're in Missouri.

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