This little kitty cat would not be denied his nutrition. A Ring doorbell camera shows a delicate house cat get completely fierce when a bobcat tried to invade his space and steal his food.

The backstory behind this feline confrontation is funny. The cat's owner is Marsha who has one of those fancy Ring doorbells. She got a notification of motion from the device even though she wasn't home at the time. She told part of the story about how this went down:

I thought it was amazing and funny that after the noise the bobcat walked way around the cat,” Marsha says. “We've caught javelina, skunks, raccoons, a porcupine, and even a small herd of deer on the Ring camera. I seriously don't know what I would do without my Ring front door camera. It's entertaining and is a security device.

Love it the moment when her cat flexed on the bobcat.

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This led to some funny YouTube comments as many even went so far as to imagine what the cat must have been saying in cat talk to the bobcat:

Sharon Cooper - "Cat to the bobcat: Do you know what I had to go through to get this food. I had to let them pet me and purr while they did. No way I'm I letting you have it. Be gone!"

Susan Sanchez - "Bobcat: move it shrimp, I'm eating this meal!
Kitty: guess again! This is MY food! Wanna try me?
Bobcat: never mind..."

Even though it's a cute domesticated cat vs bobcat moment, the little cat is fortunate. As National Geographic tells, bobcats are real predators and can jump up to 12 feet and run up to 30 mph. If the bobcat had been serious, this doorbell cam video would likely not have been for the faint of heart.

As it stands, it's proof that even an ordinary house cat can act like a lion when the chow is at stake.

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