If you've ever tried to take a picture or video at night, you know it's not easy to get anything decent. Someone figured it out as there's a new video share that's quite stunning of the Milky Way as seen over Missouri.

I don't know who Jesse Losik is. Most people don't know Jesse as there are only 7 subscribers to his YouTube channel. But, this is a very well-done time-lapse video of the Milky Way. Jesse mentioned this was captured somewhere in Missouri.

One of the keys to great dark sky photography is finding a dark place away from city lights. There's an organization that can help you do that. It's the International Dark Sky Association. If you look at their interactive map, you won't see a lot of Missouri or Illinois places where epic night photography is usually possible.

Since Jesse didn't mention the exact location, I'm gonna guess this was taken somewhere in the central part of the state as it doesn't have the frequent hills of the Ozarks or the city lights nearby of Kansas City or St. Louis.

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If you think this is something you'd like to attempt, the Planetary Society has some great beginner tips for night sky photography. They include making sure you utilize a tripod as a steady camera is vital. For Milky Way pics and video like the one shared above, you'll want a wide-angle lens with a wide aperture.

Do it right and you can create something special like the 25 second video that Jesse shared.

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