I've said it before. Carp are mean. Don't believe me? There's a new video share that shows a carp that flew out of the water and into a fisherman's nose during a tournament in Bath, Illinois.

This is probably the most insane fishing tournament video I've ever witnessed. If it was a full movie, you could call it "The Fish Take Their Revenge". Here's how it went down (or up in this case) from the person who shared the video:

This guy was part of a team competing in a fishing tournament in Bath, Illinois. Suddenly, a carp fish leaped out of the water and flew straight into this guy's face. He got hurt and started bleeding from the bridge of his nose, breaking it.

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I was fishing with my dad in southern Missouri many years ago and I caught a carp. My dad warned me to be careful because "carp were mean". He was right. I wasn't careful enough and the stupid fish finned me gashing my hand seriously.

The Missouri Department of Conservation page mentions the "saw-toothed spine" of the common carp. No kidding. That is truly information that would have been helpful to me YESTERDAY, Missouri Department of Conservation.

I should be thankful though. At least I didn't have one jump out of the water and break my nose like this one did. Yikes.

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