It used to be a go-to place for family water fun in the Midwest. But, after tragedy struck, the park closed and now nature has taken over what used to be water slides and amusement.

BigBankz is one of my favorite YouTube channels for exploring places that have been deserted. Many times they won't give an exact location they're investigating to discourage vandals from visiting and causing further damage. I support that idea and won't divulge exactly where this park is. Here's how they described the sad circumstances behind the downfall of this once happy place:

Today we are taking you to an abandoned water park somewhere in the Midwest of America. This water park opened up in the 1980s and attracted family’s from all over the Midwest. But in 2012 tragedy would strike. A man and his family went to have a good day relaxing in the sun while their children play. But soon after they arrived the man collapsed from heart attack and passed away in the hospital. This caused the water park to shut down and they never opened again

Here's what remains...

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This used the be the view from the top of the large blue water slide.

BigBankz via YouTube

After a quick wet trip down the tube, this would be the view as you hope the person behind you isn't about to clobber you.

BigBanks via YouTube

This was the area which would have been designed for younger kids not old enough to go down the big slides.

BigBankz via YouTube

You can see that most of the equipment has been taken over by nature with very little left to salvage. Sadly, many Midwest families likely have great memories here prior to the tragedy that closed it.

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