On the list of possible fun things you'll witness next time you go to the zoo, add "epic bear wrestling match" to the list as a recent visitor video proves.

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This apex predator showdown happened at a zoo in Wisconsin. Here's how the family that shared the video described it:

Took the family to Wildwood Zoo. Watched the bears playing in the water. They were amazing as they got out of the pool to continue to play.

And play they did.

Some might think this is a bear fight. Nope. Bear fights are something else entirely. This looks more like brothers playfully sparring. Bear Smart points out the differences between play and a real showdown. If contending for dominance in an area and/or over a female, it's the most violent confrontation you can imagine with one of the bears likely leaving with scars. The playful sparring in this video is pure fun and is seen by some as practice for dealing with a real predator in the wild.

These two bears were just enjoying a fun afternoon in the midwestern sun providing the zoo visitors (and us) with a real treat.

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