The first time Tyler Farr heard his song on country radio, he was in downtown Nashville -- at least, he's pretty sure that's what happened. Whether the first time happened on a busy festival weekend in Music City or on a back road in the middle of nowhere in Ohio, the singer has a couple of ideas about where he might have heard his song on the radio for the first time.

Below, Farr recounts his memory of the first time he listened to his song, 2013's "Redneck Crazy," on the radio. Additionally, the singer shares how the experience of hearing his song on country radio has changed since that first time.

I believe so. I think I was, I wanna say, it was one of two places. It was either in Ohio on some back road or something, or it was -- I definitely remember downtown by Broadway, in an old truck, hearing "Redneck Crazy" on the radio. It was CMA Fest week, or something like that.

I actually listened to the whole song -- because nowadays, usually, I'll just turn it. But that time I was like, "This is pretty cool, I'm gonna listen to this," and turned it up.

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