Trent Harmon carries a quiet confidence that doesn't equal the level of success he's had on country radio, but with "You Got 'Em All" you figure out why.

This is an enormous vocal performance. A one-note piano introduction ushers in a soft verse and chorus that describes a guy heartbroken, but happy for his ex — think Tim McGraw "Just to See You Smile." From there the ballad builds through the bridge to a final chorus that's an absolute show-stopper. If Harmon didn't live this song, he deserves an Oscar.

So often reality television stars bring big voices but no ability to tell a convincing story. Harmon breaks that mold. There is something about the production that recalls a reality television performance, but it's one you end up talking about the next morning. It's hard to imagine this song not becoming his biggest hit to date.

Did You Know?: Harmon won a Ford Mustang when he won American Idol, but admits he drives it very cautiously.

Trent Harmon's Key to Winning American Idol

Trent Harmon's "You Got 'Em All" Lyrics:

Those West Coast lights you talked about in your sleep / The things you always thought that I could be / The skies that spread your wings 'cause this town's too small / Stars and moon, well I hope you got 'em all.

'Cause I'm still waiting on life to begin again / Still waiting on love to give a second chance / To stop me and steal my breath the way you did / I'm still looking for your Jeep in every parking lot / Still taste your lips with every whiskey shot / I hope you found whatever I ain't found yet / 'Cause I feel like all my better days are gone / And I think you got 'em all.

Those dreams you prayed about but were scared to have / The smiles and the laughs, the greener the grass / Well girl I hope you got 'em all.

And yeah those shells we found on the beach in South Carolina / Does the smell of a cottonwood tree ever remind you / Of those memories, of you and me, that I still see / I hope you got 'em all.

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