Growing up on the Northwest Side of Chicago, there were hundreds of shops selling these remarkable treats the day before Ash Wednesday. Here in the Tri-State area...not so much. Hy-Vee carried them at one time, but stopped due to lack of interest. Kroger in Hannibal carried them at one time, but they've since closed.

What is a Paczki (pronounced POONCH-key)? A Paczki is akin to a jelly doughnut, topped with sugar, and filled with prune, apricot, strawberry, raspberry, or sweet cheese filling. I was told growing up that on Paczki day, Polish families would create these as a way to use their remaining sugar, lard, and eggs right before lent.

Since I don't have the time to make them myself, I want to know if you know of any stores in the Quincy / Hannibal area that sell Paczki.

Or if there are any Polish Grandmas out there that would like to volunteer to be my Busia for the day and make some Paczki, it would be greatly appreciated (no strawberry, please).

Dziękuję (Polish for Thank you)

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