Thomas Rhett tapped Kelsea Ballerini for a duet off his upcoming album Center Point Road. The "Center Point Road" lyrics draw on his own upbringing, and they'll bring a sense of nostalgia for the listener as well.

The song describes typical high school memories with a singalong chorus. The music begins with an upbeat piano melody, and the intro also includes the sound of an old projector. The song is a summation of the themes of the album.

“Are we gonna win the football game? Am I gonna marry this girl who I’m dating at 17 years old? As you get older you start to look back at those fears and failures and successes,” Rhett explains in a press release. “Now I’m 28 years old with a wife and two kids, and I’m thinking ‘The way I grew up really shaped who I am today.’ I think that’s the root of Center Point Road.

Rhett teamed with Jesse Frasure, Amy Wadge and Cleve Wilson to write "Center Point Road." The new album features sixteen tracks and marks the first time that Rhett has ever written or co-written every song on an album. Rhett also co-produced the album alongside Dann Huff, Jesse Frasure and Julian Bunetta.

Thomas Rhett's (feat. Kelsea Ballerini) "Center Point Road" Lyrics:

We drank our beer in the basement / So no one would know / We didn’t care where the days went / Had nowhere to go, Center Point Road / When everything was about a kiss / And clouds just looked like battleships / Helmets crashin’ on the field / And we thought every love was real.


We wrote our own destiny / In parkin' lots and empty streets / Yeah, we got high on you and me / Jumped over cracks beneath our feet / And we thought it would never end / Then watched it go like summer wind / When growin’ up was just a dream / And Friday night was everything.

Yeah, we didn’t worry ‘bout nothin’ / We had it all, yeah / And bein’ the fastest was somethin' / Runnin’the halls, breakin’ the law / Life was about the party / Who you are and who you’re with / Drinkin’ ‘til your head was sorry / Oh,and dancin’ for the hell of it, yeah

Repeat Chorus

Hold on forever (Hold on forever) / Yeah, hold onto it (Hold onto it) / Yeah, hold on forever (Hold on forever) / And never let go of it

Everyone says when you’re younger / It’s gonna go fast / It suddenly hits you like thunder / And you’re gonna wanna go back/ Wanna go back/ Wanna go back / Wanna go back

Repeat Chorus

We wrote our own destiny / In parkin’ lots and empty streets / When growin’ up was just a dream / And Friday night was everything.

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